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Asia is the world’s largest and most populated continent full of bustling and ancient cities, beaches, coastlines, mountains, and friendly cultures. Your money can go a long way in this region of the world as it boasts tremendous value. There are many ancient wonders and authentic experiences to be surprised with. The emerging tourist destination of Sri Lanka is an island home to beautiful beaches and Buddhist temples. Experience an authentic rickshaw ride through the labyrinth-like streets of Old Delhi, India or cruise along the Yangtze River in China taking in the daily life along the riverbanks. Japan will not disappoint with its food, culture, pagodas and traditions. Myanmar has opened its doors and is an undiscovered land full of incredible golden buddhas, buddhist monks and unspoiled villages. Vietnam will offer a cultural overload where you can take a cruise along the Mekong River to spending a night in a luxury ‘junkboat’ in Halong Bay with scenery that will leave you breathless. Ride an elephant in the jungles in the Northern region of Thailand.

The Middle East, including destinations such as Israel, Jordan, and the UAE will excite you as you discover it’s many treasures. Visit the Holy City of Jerusalem, the ancient city of Petra or be mesmerized by the breathtaking Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi!

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