About Viet Princess Cruises

Unlike most other hotels, resorts, restaurant and cruise ships, this is not “Our” exotic expedition – it is all ‘Yours’. It is not our manner to tell you what to do, when to do it, or how to enjoy yourselves. We are quite simply your facilitator, your guides, hosts & hostesses. We are all focused and passionate about providing you with a heart-warming “Once in a Life-time” truly unique and exotic Asian adventure holiday. Welcome to Viet Princess Cruises!
We are the pioneers that started exploring the waterways and tributaries of the Mekong back in early 2002. With over 15 years experience, we proudly provide unique shore excursions and local interactions: “off the beaten track” safety, places that very few foreigners have ever visited, friendly by nature Crew, professional Captains, Engineers and deck officers. Last but not least, the perfect blend of Eastern meets Western cuisines are of a standard that befits any truly international five-star venue.
We have shore-based offices and attentive support staff throughout Indochina. We provide an extensive network of services to our guests, from pre-arrival in country, during your stay with us and beyond, ensuring you return home with wonderful memories of your sojourn to Southeast Asia and along the Mekong River. Through its acclaimed human resources philosophy, Viet Princess Cruises proudly combines youthful enthusiasm onboard, with experienced senior management from Vietnam, Cambodia and Europe. This ensures that attention to detail is assured when satisfying our international passenger’s cultural and hospitality needs.

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