About Colombia!

The most welcoming country in the world…
In Colombia, “check-in” means “welcome”, and “check-out” means “come back soon”. Greetings here are made up of hugs, smiles and open doors everywhere you go. Here you’ll be welcomed by a rhythm unlike any other…well, actually by over a thousand.
Just picture more than 1,920 bird species greeting you with their beautiful colors and songs, and by humpback whales breaking the waves to wave at you.
Colombia is a country where the people and their various cultures are ready to blend with yours, welcoming you with a charming song-like accent that’s bound to make you dance.
Where entire towns say “hi” to you from their balconies, and where warm looks always welcome those who crossed the warm sea.
Where the world’s most beautiful river flows to greet you with five stunning colors, and a seaside snowy peak is ready to surprise you.
Only Colombia could welcome you with the enormity of the Andes, with the mysterious Amazon, with endless plains lit by breathtaking sunsets, the immense Pacific Ocean and climates that change from one place to the next.
To be inspired, watch these Colombia videos below!


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Images in order: Cartagena X 2 (image 1 and 2), Medellin (image 3), Guatape X 2 (image 4 and 5), Cocora Valley X 2 (image 6 and 7), Coffee Region X 2 (image 8 and 9), Bogota (image 10 and 11), San Andres x 4 (image 12,13,14,15), Santa Marta X 2 (image 16 and 17), Tayrona National Park (image 18) and The Lost City (image 19)

Information on Colombia

  • Colombia is the world’s most biodiverse country per square meter.
  • Colombia boasts 12 linguistic families, 10 language isolates, and 2 Creole languages of African origin.
  • During the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime show, Shakira and Swing Latino provided a taste of Colombian rhythms and culture that got everyone dancing.
  • San Basilio de Palenque was the first free African town in the Americas. This site has nearly completely preserved its cultural and linguistic legacy.
  • Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport (the largest in Colombia, and second-largest in Latin America) got its name from the legendary city of gold Europeans spent centuries searching the entire country for.
  • In Colombia the rhythm multiplies, you can do so much more for much less than you’d expect. For the same money you’d spend on a smartwatch, you can travel to Cartagena, relax in the Caribbean Sea, dance to champeta beats, and explore the San Felipe Castle.
  • Colombia has the most bird species on Earth. There are over 1,920 species, 80 of which are endemic.
  • In San Andres, you can find the Sea of Seven Colors, which is home to the world’s second largest coral reserve.
  • Colombia has 310 hot springs and approximately 102 native peoples who can share with you their ancestral knowledge.
  • At the 2020 World Travel Awards -also known as the ‘Oscars of Tourism’-Colombia was nominated in 14 categories and won in four (4) of them.

Colombia’s diversity is all but limited to its landscapes, ecosystems and natural resources. The identities and cultural expressions the country holds make it a vibrant multicultural nation. The contrast between colonial architecture and modern cities feels like traveling through time, traditional fairs and festivals transport us to the heart of Colombian identity, and music lets us enjoy the country to the sound of mythical and iconic rhythms.

Colombia, the second most biodiverse country in the world Colombia is located on the northwestern corner of South America. It is one of 21 countries in the world privileged enough to enjoy two oceans (Atlantic and Pacific) and because it is in the tropics, there are no seasons. Colombia has six natural regions, 311 ecosystems, 6 snowy peaks, 3 mountain ranges, and climates ranging from the cold of the mountains to the heat of beaches. Colombia shares borders with Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil, and has maritime borders with Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Colombian territory is divided into a flat region to the east, and the Andes mountain ranges to the west, which is one of the most extensive mountain ranges in the world and runs through other Latin American countries. All of this makes Colombia a country of incredible natural wealth and a must-see tourist destination for those seeking beauty, adventure and biodiversity.

POPULATION: 48.2 million inhabitants (DANE, 2019)
country code: +57
NATIONAL HERITAGE SITES: 1,102 throughout the country

It is true that some Colombians are the life of the party and that they stand out from the crowd for being cheerful, charismatic and excellent dancers, but there is more to them than people think: the lives of people born in this land are influenced by various social and cultural phenomena. They are as peculiar as their way of seeing the world, and they are people who, despite their differences, are and will always be willing to show the best of their country to all those who want to visit.

The customs of Colombians vary depending on their region or department of origin, and remain with them even after migrating within or outside the national territory. What defines a Pastuso, an Afro-Colombian or an Embera goes beyond the language they speak, and their genes: their accent, their food and even the way they dress are part of an idiosyn-crasy that, seen from afar, is one of the thousands of viewing the world that come together in Colombia.

The political, social and economic transformations that the country has undergone in recent decades have made Colombians resilient and willing to learn from their history. In the same way that Colombia has changed, its people have been transformed, and today it is much less common for them to hold the same ideals and convictions they did a few years ago. Colombians are now looking towards a future free of indolence and full of inclusion, and they are putting those goals into practice in their daily lives.

Colombia is a biodiverse and multicultural country. Its landscapes, people and culture vary so much depending on cities and departments that you often feel like having reached a different country when visiting another region. However, the Colombian style is still there and is well-rooted in each community, each custom, and each person.

Colombia is a country with six natural regions, which are home to more than one hundred indigenous cultures, where 10% of its population is of African descent and which also include Romani people, while maintaining a sense of unity among them. Traveling through Colombia gives you the chance to enjoy several different experiences in a single country. Each region offers endless possibilities to partake with travelers, natural beauties that range from sunbathing on a paradise beach to climbing a mountain so high that people feel like they are touching the sky; travelers may also enjoy the immense plains that seem endless and feel the intense sun and the aridity of the deserts. Each region is diverse and unique and, if you travel through Colombia, you will discover and experience this variety of climates, adventures, sensations, rhythms, colors, and flavors.

The Caribbean, Pacific, Orinoco, Amazon, Andean and Insular regions are Colombia’s six natural regions, each with its own characteristics and its own customs, gastronomy, and music.

To discover and learn more about the popular places to visit within Colombia, such as Bogota, Medellin, Guatapé, Cartagena, Pereira (Coffee region), Tayrona National Park, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cali and more, click here: https://colombia.travel/en/where-to-go

There is so much that you can do and experience in Colombia: Nature and adventure, culture, wellness, sun and sand, luxury, and more!

Click here to learn more: https://colombia.travel/en/what-to-do 

The Diverse Climate of a Seasonless Country
Colombia is a country without seasons, but that doesn’t mean it’s static. Some months are rainy and there are extremely hot regions while others are constantly cold. This variety of climates is due to the five thermal floors found in the country (warm, mild, cold, moor, and glacial), which means that the temperature of the territory varies according to the height above sea level.

From tropical heat to everlasting snow, Colombia offers an impressive range of climates and landscapes at different altitudes.

For more information on Colombia’s climate, click here: https://colombia.travel/en/practical-information/weather

The Colombian peso is the country’s legal tender. It is generally identified with the abbreviation COP, and you’ll find that the official peso symbol ($) is used locally.

A wide selection of banknotes and coins are used. You will find 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 peso coins and 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000 peso banknotes, highlighting Colombia’s wealth and diversity. Get to know them!

Click here to learn more: https://colombia.travel/en/practical-information/currency-information

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