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The ultimate purpose of a journey is to discover oneself among signboards, cultures and individuals along new destinations and routes. Some realize this consciously while others just make them a part of their memories. We curate immersive experiences for your passage across South Asia that take you through ancient river routes, witnessing skilled artisans, crafts & textiles, interactions with architects & experts at the avant-garde of their field, forests in the heart of the Subcontinent, and indigenous birds and animals in their natural habitat. We offer you the purpose and also help you realize it.
Independent & local owner-managed firm since 1979: introduced luxury trains to India, glamping in the Thar desert, inaugural travellers to Bhutan, first private aircraft to see the Taj Mahal, reintroduced river cruising to India after 100 years, now pioneers of immersive journeys on India’s holiest rivers. A collection of art historians & designers, researchers & curators, wildlife & cultural experts, shipwrights & engineers, our successes directly benefitting local peoples we quietly deliver truly wondrous & authentic experiences. Join us on our exotic journeys, & become part of history.
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