Biggest list of WHY visit Croatia

Biggest list of WHY visit Croatia in 2017

No doubt about it, Croatia is one of the most desired destinations in the world and it is getting on a radar for all the travelers around the world. In 2016. Croatia is breaking all the records, even in September Croatia had over 10 mil overnights.  It is really hard to say who is Croatia for or how much time should someone spend in Croatia to get the real feel of the destination, but writing this list might help you market the destination to people who you think would be interested in visiting this new up and coming tourist destination. So let’s start with the list of WHY should someone visit Croatia!

1) Explore national parks and beautiful sceneries

Croatia is the real heaven for all the people who love to explore natural wonders. Croatia itself has 8 national parks and 11 natural parks. The most visited National park is National Park Plitvice Lakes which is also the park under the UNESCO protection.

2) Get lost and bike off the beaten path

Cycling and active tourism, in general, is increasing pace as National Tourist Board said that cycling and boating is among the top 6 key factors that will contribute tourism growth in the next couple of years. Many regions such as Istria and especially islands such as Brac, Vis, Korcula, and Hvar became very popular destinations for cycling. Lately, there has also been some cruises that have cycling excursions each day on a different locations – cool combination we must admit. A big promotional addition has been Croatian cycling race – Tour of Croatia, that way streamed live to the world wide televisions showing the beauties and routes tourist can take.

3) Wonder around wine roads for some hidden boutique wineries and mellow wine

Do you like wine? Even if you don’t you will start to – trust us we have witnessed people taking bottles of wine back home as they loved the wine that is made here in Croatia. From awesome white wine in Zagorje and Istria region to red wine down at the Dalmatian coast, you have to try it all. The good thing is that wine is so different in each region that you will be amazed by the difference in taste of the wine. If you would like to truly experience food & wine of Croatia find out how to be Crolicious or simply get clients on our food & wine tour of Croatia with guaranteed departures.

4) Go truffle hunting, try olive oil do a cooking class in Istria

Istria region is big on truffles, both white and black truffles. We organize hunting with special trained dogs and cooking class is usually followed right after. Istria is also voted for one of the best olive oil regions in the world so try it, it truly is amazing.

5) Get on the boat and explore islands and hidden bays

With over 1200 islands Croatia is one of the best destinations for sailing and island hopping. From small uninhabited islands where no cars are allowed to lively party islands – Croatia has i all. It all depends of what is someone looking for. Day or multi-day cruises are great options for explorations.

6) Explore all the UNESCO sites in Croatia

Croatia has 8 UNESCO heritage sites. For such a small country it is A LOT! People who love history and culture will feel amazed by the sites they can visit here. Here is the list of all the sites in Croatia:

Cultural UNESCO sites (7)

Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Poreč (1997)

Historic City of Trogir (1997)

Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian (1979)

Old City of Dubrovnik (1979)

Stari Grad Plain (2008)

Stećci Medieval Tombstones Graveyards (2016)

The Cathedral of St James in Šibenik (2000)

Natural UNESCO Site (1)

Plitvice Lakes National Park (1979)

7) Visit birth place of Marco Polo

Island Korčula, hidden from big crowds, is a great escape for those looking for peaceful and relaxing vacation time. Beautiful old city, great wine and the island that happens to be the birth place of Marco Polo. Visit his museum and explore the city. While you are there do NOT miss the very specific show caled Moreška, which happens to be a sword dance dating back hundreds of years. The Moreška is an elaborate production involving two groups of dancers, engaging in a mock battle over the fate of a veiled young woman

8) Try different food regions of Croatia – From fresh oysters, delicious lamb to best scampi you will ever taste

What is great about Croatia is the diversity that each region offers. Not only in culture and history but also in food & wine. Each region was influenced by different countries and cultures over the past which can be seen best on the food that people eat in each region. From heavier food such as dry meat and duck or turkey in Zagreb region, ruffles and prosciutto in Istria region, to oysters, scampi and lamb on the Dalmatian coast. Travel around and taste it all – it is amazing. Big difference if comparing to over countries is that Croatia still eats very healthy and most of the food is still naturally grown so it really has that full flavor to it.

9) Get on Game of Thrones Tour and explore GOT locations

There are 9 in total filming locations in Croatia, not taking into consideration that in Dubrovnik and Split there were many different ones that were used for various scenes. If you are a really GOT fan you will enjoy these sites as they look so real in person and not a lot of adjustments were made to shot the scenes. We also have Game of Thrones Tour that can be from 7 -15 days long and it’s covering all the locations in Croatia following the whole season 4 story of GOT.

10) Go back in time with a castle tour near Zagreb

Just outside of Zagreb, make sure to take a day tour to Croatia to visit castle Trakošćan, Veliki Tabor and Oršić. All very important for Croatian history and beautiful sites to go back in time and see how people used to live before.

11) Swim in one of the two cleanest seas in Europe

According to the most recent research conducted by the European Commission for testing seawater quality, our sea is once again placed on the prestigious second place of the cleanest seas in Europe. Among more than 22,000 tested samples of beach water (27 EU countries, Croatia, Montenegro and Switzerland), ours were placed at the very top – immediately after Cyprus!

12) Witness the most beautiful sunset in the world in Zadar

On the occasion of his visit to Zadar, in May 1964, while observing the luxurious game played by the sun the Maestro said: »Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, applauded at every evening.«

13) Visit Island Pag and party up wit best DJs in the world

Looking for a party destination? Got to Island Pag. Check out the video from Papaya Club on Zrce beach on Island Pag and you will know exactly what we are trying to say – crazy and fun!

14) Talk to locals, they are very welcoming and friendly

Croatians are very welcoming and friendly people. Don’t be afraid to talk to locals, they are always willing to help and will give the best suggestions on further explorations.

15) Sit on the ”hot spot” in the city you are visiting and have a coffee

Croatians take their coffee drinking very seriously. Couple times a day for an hour or so. We just read an article from one guy who moved to the US and he said that people in other countries have psychiatrists and Croatians go to coffee with friends and brag about life and problems and that is their best therapy

16) There is a lot of activities to get adventurous

Go rafting, wind surfing, kayaking, biking or zip lining!! There is so many outdoor activities you can do to be adventurous that you will not be bored a second. If you like to stay active during your vacation Craotia is a great spot to do so.

17) Go on a luxury escape and rent a villa

With growing numbers of tourists coming to Croatia, there are more and more luxury options for those who like their vacation upscale. From high-end restaurants to mega yachts and luxury villas! Croatia has it all.

18) Croatia is an amazing value for money

Yes, it is so much cheaper than Italy, Spain, Greece and other popular destinations. For those who wish to experience and explore Croatia, now is the right time as Croatia still did not accept Euro as a currency and the prices remain moderate. Once we accept Euro the prices will most likely go up so pack up your bags and come visit!

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