Europe’s Best Walking Regions

Nothing compares to the satisfaction of looking back on a week of trekking to see just what your own two feet are capable of. Whether you’re a hardcore hiker or prefer to take things slow, Europe is the perfect destination for the walking & hiking tour of your dreams. Meander through lush valleys dotted with vineyards, challenge yourself with the continent’s highest peaks, or walk amongst the wildflowers on Europe’s most scenic coastlines. Here’s our list of Europe’s top hiking routes – in no particular order – tracing nearly every kind of terrain from snowy peaks to sun-soaked vistas.

Welcome to the Lake District


Since the 15th century, England’s Lake District has been inspiring the imaginations of people around the world. Romantic poets visited the hilltops, mountains and lakes and immediately fell in love, while Beatrix Potter was so bewitched by the region she devoted much of her life to protecting its magic. Both idyllic and exhilarating in equal measure, nothing compares to strolling through ancient Viking villages, past shimmering lakes, and up dramatic mountain passes in England’s remote wilderness.



Living La Dolce Vita

Amalfi Coast, Italy

With a name like ‘Path of the Gods’ you know your eyes are in for a treat. A day trek of epic proportions, this winding walk along Amalfi’s majestic cliffs overlooking the crashing waves, picturesque fishing villages and sweet-smelling lemon groves that make up this beautiful section of Italian coastline. But this is just a small section of what makes Italy’s Amalfi Coast such a special destination for a walking tour. Home to a culinary scene as spectacular as the views, it’s easy to find yourself believing you’ve truly found heaven on earth.



A Taste of Italy’s Bubbly Region

Prosecco, Italy

When you hear the words “Italian wine,” chances are you immediately think of Prosecco. Get ready to discover one of the world’s best, yet largely undiscovered wine regions. Here, ancient terraced vineyards clinging to the sides of every slop are dedicated exclusively to grapes for Italy’s most prized sparkling wine: Prosecco. It also happens to be one of Europe’s most scenic walking regions, with picturesque rolling hills, charming medieval villages and, of course, a delectable food and wine scene to fuel your walks.



A Journey Back in Time


It’s not often you can journey through thousands of years of history in just one walk. From the location of the very first Olympic Games to an ancient world of stone columns where heaven and earth meet, there’s no shortage of archaeological ruins (and UNESCO sites!) in Greece. With beautiful coastline, lush forests, and mountains rising high above the earth, the only thing that rivals the beauty of these ancient sites is the magnificent landscapes surrounding them. The perfect escape for lovers of history, nature, and archaeology alike!



Crossroads of the Mediterranean

Sicily, Italy

Emerald waters, smoking volcanoes and flowery mountain meadows – Sicily’s varied landscapes are unlike anywhere else and create the perfect backdrop for active adventures. Visit hilltop towns like Ragusa Ibla, explore the Valley of Temples, climb up active volcanoes, and wind down with famous wines and a cuisine unlike anywhere else in the world. From poets like Homer and Virgil to countless ancient cultures (Phoenicians, Romans, and Greeks, to name a few), Sicily’s Mediterranean oasis has long entranced anyone who visits.


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