Four Reasons to Sail in Thailand on a Star Clippers Tall Ship

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world, drawing millions of tourists each year — and for good reason. The pristine beaches, year-round sunshine, friendly locals and, of course, the beloved Thai cuisine make it the perfect place to escape the stresses of life.

Star Clippers offers four unique, seven-day sailing adventures in Southeast Asia aboard the 170-passenger Star Clipper, all with beautiful Phuket as its home base. The Northern Phuket and Southern Phuket sailings explore the islands of Southern Thailand, while the Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand itinerary begins or ends in vibrant Singapore and features ports of call in Malaysia. Here are four great reasons why a sailing in the waters around Phuket aboard a majestic tall ship is the ideal way to rekindle the romance, discard the stresses and discover the magic of one of the world’s paradises.


  • Escape the Hustle and Bustle: Many travelers don’t realize that in addition to the popular (and sometimes crowded) mainland, Thailand is comprised of hundreds of tiny islands in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, where crowds are few and life moves along at a leisurely pace. Guests on the Star Clipper visit some of the most secluded of these islands, including Ko Surin, a national park, that comprises five islands near the Myanmar border, and Ko Adong, an important nesting area for sea turtles. The Star Clipper’s small ship scale allows it to visit ports and bays inaccessible to the larger cruise ships – and means you are not competing with their thousands of passengers.
  • Get the Long View: The topography of Southern Thailand is like no place else, with its sheer limestone crags, lush rain forests and crystal clear blue water – making for a paradisiacal setting. What better place to enjoy the view (and get a few photos) than from the deck of a tall ship as it sails through these picturesque island chains? Guests are welcome (and encouraged) to climb the 100 feet to the top of the ship’s crow’s nest for an unforgettable vista.
  • Dive In: Divers and snorkelers love Thailand, especially the waters around the Similan Islands, known for offering some of the best diving experiences in the world. With water clear enough to see nearly 100 feet down, the underwater panoramas here are worthy of the hype. A certified dive master on board the Star Clipper means guests can choose from diving or snorkeling adventures here.
  • Don’t Sacrifice Luxury: Resort lovers looking for a change will love the modern luxury and relaxed pace of a Star Clippers sailing. Spacious accommodations, gleaming teak decks with ample space for sunning and multiple pools, and gourmet dining allow for a luxury vacation. Guests looking to get active can try their hand at hoisting the sails with the crew or trying out a variety of complimentary water sports like paddle boarding, wind surfing and water skiing.

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Original Date Posted: Saturday, 27 July 2019

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