Venture Off the Beaten Path

Experience Europe outdoors by bike or on a guided hike, and explore the enchanting scenery along the majestic Danube River.
Imagine a gentle breeze rustling the leaves above you as you walk uphill through the charming town of Dürnstein, Austria, and past the cobblestone onto a dirt trail. You traverse the winding roads among lush vineyards and rolling hills, each turn producing another stunning view of the red-roofed village and Danube River below.

As you stop to capture a photo, your knowledgeable local guide urges you forward, regaling you with tales of the once prominent medieval fortress at the top of the hill. He gently reminds you that the scenery only gets more spectacular the higher you climb. Suddenly, the rocky ruins come into view. You spot the storied structure where Richard the Lionheart was once held captive. You peer through the remains of windows looking down upon rows of green grapevines in the Wachau Valley beneath you. A postcard-perfect view of Dürnstein’s brilliant blue church tower takes your breath away.

Pedal Further to Iconic Sites

Or envision pedaling along Vienna’s riverside, the distinctive skyline to your right, as you glide beneath a canopy of trees. You steer through a quaint neighborhood on your way to the historic Klosterneuburg Abbey. Your guide pulls over to point out interesting landmarks and highlights along the way. You feel your heart beating, not only from the activity, but from the opportunity to experience the beauty of Austria from this unique perspective.

Once at the abbey, you park your bike and climb the short hill to gaze at the church towers. Perhaps you even hear the joyful song of the bells. You step inside the church to view its gilded interior, complete with elaborately frescoed walls and high ceilings. And you stroll back outside to view the Vienna skyline in the distance, marveling at the knowledge that you biked from there, turning miles into memories on your active excursion.

Activate Your Adventures

Travel aboard any of our European river ships to enjoy a wealth of unforgettable hiking and biking excursions. Take advantage of these special opportunities to delve deeper into local cultures and experience the majesty of Europe outdoors along its iconic rivers.

Romantic Danube: Vilshofen to Budapest

Enjoy a leisurely ride in the Old City Center of Linz, Austria, on one of the optional guided bike tours available to you on our Romantic Danube itinerary. You’ll bike along the beautiful Danube and through the city’s vibrant arts and music scene. Or, choose to bike through Austria’s Wachau Valley past stately castles, charming villages and the iconic Melk Abbey.

Melodies of the Danube: Budapest to Vilshofen

Trek to the top of Passau’s iconic Veste Oberhaus Fortress, founded in the early 13th century, and admire the views of the Danube River below. Or, cycle along the river past the enchanting Passau cobblestone and shops, getting a glimpse of authentic life in the German village.

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