Visit Colombia (not Columbia) and dispel five crazy myths

1.   Colombia is a rainforest and Bogotá is tiny

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Colombia has some of the world’s most biodiverse and untouched rainforest but there is more to Colombia than its exhilarating ecotourism and fabulous flora and fauna. Travel to the capital, Bogotá, for a modern metropolis with more than eight million residents, a thriving arts scene and award-winning restaurants. Travel to Medellín for a dynamic and innovative city at the heart of Colombia’s Coffee Cultural Landscape; Cali for the world’s finest salsa dancing and Cartagena de Indias, on the Caribbean coast, to discover a literary and colonial treasure.


2.   Colombia has seasons

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Colombia is a tropical country that can experience four seasons in one day. It is breathtakingly biodiverse with climates ranging from hot tropical beaches and jungles through more temperate zones to cold mountain páramos and freezing glaciers in the Andes. That’s why Colombia is home to so many mammals, bird and reptiles and why it can grow such varied fruits and vegetables. Farmers cultivate bananas, pineapples and cacao in the hot zones; coffee, flowers and avocados in temperate regions and potatoes, corn and carrots in cooler areas.


3.   Colombia is unsafe for tourists


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Colombia has increased its safety in recent years and thousands of tourists travel to the country every year. Visitors discover that it is safe to travel Colombia and enjoy the country’s many and varied delights, including historic and cultural cities, fabulous food and festivals, stunning wildlife and specialist holidays and vacations for visitors keen on hiking, cycling, birdwatching and ecotourism.


4.   Colombia has no Caribbean coast

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Colombia is proud of its Caribbean coast and the fact it is has the best view in South America, the only country on the continent with both Pacific and Atlantic ocean shores. Visitors who travel to Colombia can swim and dive with sharks, turtles and humpback whales as well as explore reefs, corals and shipwrecks. Colombian cities that move to a Caribbean beat and offer a delicious taste of the region’s culture include Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Riohacha and, of course, Cartagena de Indias, one of the world’s most magical cities.


5.   All Latin American countries are the same


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Each Latin American country has its own identity but in one trip to Colombia a visitor can experience a true taste of the region. Admire sloths, pink river dolphins and parrots in the Amazon, swim through colorful coral reefs in the Caribbean, ride with cowboys and uncover wildlife in the Eastern savannas, experience the mysterious eco-systems of the Andes, taste the world’s finest coffee in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, explore the jungles and beaches of the Pacific coast, spot rare Colombian birds and animals, be inspired by the architecture in Colombia’s cities and enjoy the region’s famous warmth and hospitality in a single holiday or vacation.

That’s why it’s time to forget the myths and travel Colombia… not Columbia.

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